Along with drive shafts and differential components, axles are key part of any vehicle's ability to move when power is supplied by the engine. At its simplest, an axle is a centrally-located shaft which connects two wheels, in parallel, together. Also referred to as spindles in some specific industries, wholesale axles are supplied to car makers, locomotive manufacturers and truck firms.

A typical axle supplier will make these specialist components for more than one industry sector. They tend to vary in strength greatly, depending on how much pressure will be exerted on them during the activity they have been designed for. Road-going vehicles, for example, require robust axles, but will seldom come under extreme pressure, whereas those designed for off-road use tend to be the toughest products. Often made from steel, axles are among the heaviest components of any vehicle and the design of an entire chassis must take into account the weight of the axles which will be fitted to it. As such, they are one of the most important factors in any new car model's initial design stage. Accessible from, any axle manufacturer will try to find ways to keep their products as light, but as strong as possible. This weight to strength ratio is at the heart of what a typical axle manufacturer is about.

With modern suspension systems, an axle supplier will frequently design split axles, which connect via a differential. This allows an axle manufacturer to create products which continue to distribute power evenly, left and right, but still allow wheels to move up and down independently from one another. Tandem axles are now commonplace with lorry designs, too. This system basically provides a configuration that offers an increased weight capacity than a single axle would do, making them ideal for heavy loads. All the latest axle developments can be discovered at

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