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From the days of the horse and cart, braking systems have evolved over the last 100 years to the systems we have on modern vehicles. From bicycles to cars to jumbo jets and railway locomotives, all these braking systems use a similar disc and disc pad arrangement.

A brake manufacturer will produce brakes for the automobile industry, as well as replacement brake components and brake accessories for a brake supplier. On standard family cars, the brake components are made up of discs and disc pads on the front wheels, and brake drums and brake shoes on the rear. The entirety of these components together is operated via interconnecting hydraulic pipes, which force hydraulic fluid against the pistons when foot pressure is applied to the brake pedal. As pressure is applied, the pistons force the brake pads and shoes against the discs and drums.

A brake manufacturer has to source steel discs, thin steel tubing, armoured rubber tubing for flexibility, disc pad and brake shoe linings, as well as master and slave cylinders, callipers and various valves which ensure equal pressure is applied throughout the system. All designed and produced to fit the different makes and models of vehicles the world over.

Using the engine’s natural vacuum, power assisted braking (PAB) is the norm on today’s cars, and the majority of vehicles are fitted with anti-lock brakes (ABS). A brake supplier will stock standard replacement brake components such as brake pads, shoes, cylinders and valves as well as brake accessories for those who wish to upgrade brake performance on vehicles. One manufacturer may produce the discs for a system, while another may produce the valves and cylinders, while yet another may produce the brake piping. All can be found together on the website.

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