A chain is a set of linked metal rings. The combination of the metal construction and the linked ring design gives the chain both flexibility and strength, and the shape of the metal ring determines the degree of mobility. Chains with torus-shaped links are used for lifting, pulling, or attaching objects, and are flexible in two dimensions. Chains that are flexible in one dimension are those which move along a single plane as in a roller chain on a bicycle, and have links that mesh with sprockets. The process of meshing allows energy to be transferred from the bicycle pedal to the back wheel, thus propelling the bicycle. Roller-type wholesale chains are a staple of bicycle sales and repair shops.

Boom chains are navigational barriers that have been used since the Medieval Ages as defence or to extract tolls. Boom chains are stretched across a harbour or river and are either lifted or lowered to monitor marine traffic. The tensile strength of metal chain netting has been valued for centuries and still is today, for example, in the modern chain link fence. It is typical for a chains manufacturer and chains supplier to have been involved extensively with the erection of security chain fences and gates to prevent unauthorised entry of industrial premises.

Flat chains are similar to bicycle roller chains and are used throughout the farming industry. Wholesale chains are required in the manufacture and maintenance of large- and small-scale agricultural equipment. The chains manufacturer and chains supplier also fulfil more commonplace domestic needs such as door chains, lavatory chain pulls, and tyre snow chains. Given the wide application of chains, is a way for the wholesale chains manufacturer to keep an eye on market supply and demand.

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