Control & Measuring Systems

Control and measuring systems are elements of hardware and software technology implemented in the production, operation or the management of automated installations to measure and control the output of the system as a whole.

If such a system is to be controlled within certain limits, its output will need to be monitored. This measurement will then be fed back and compared to the required or programmed parameters, where the resulting difference then regulates the system operation – whether it is speed, temperature, or any other performance characteristic. This is known as a closed loop system or feedback control system. Conversely, the output of a more basic open loop control system is controlled only by input demands.

A control and measuring system is a small system that controls a bigger one. In automotive, industrial and transport applications, this technology is employed to run equipment or machines efficiently. Control systems manufacturer and specialist engineering companies also supply this technology to the oil and gas industries, where it enables efficient measurement to optimise operations. Implementations are seen in refineries and pipelines, where components such as flow meters, filters, pumps, sensors and valves are used. Suppliers and manufacturers of this technology can be found at

Many critical industrial processes also use programmable logic controllers which have very fast response times, or SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) in distributed systems which require effective measurement and control in real time. Other applications include infrared temperature measuring systems and the measurement of correct combustion and toxic gases, as well as electricity generation and power distribution. Business buyers looking for a control systems manufacturer will find numerous solutions employing the latest technology with, along with innovative manufacturers and suppliers.

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