Cooling Systems

Cooling systems have a vast application from the infrastructure of large office towers to nuclear reactors and individual households. Basically, cooling systems are used to cool fluids or gases. Hosts of research and development teams are dedicated to improving coolants and heat transfer systems used with the internal combustion engine.

In the internal combustion engine, heat is a by-product generated in the process of running the engine. As fuels burn at temperatures exceeding the melting point of most metals, heat must be removed to safeguard the engine. The removal of heat from the interior parts of the engine can be done by cool air intake or, more frequently, by liquids passing through a heat-exchanger. The heat exchanger, or radiator, is then air cooled. Water can also be circulated as a coolant, but tends to accumulate sediment that can clog the system, or in the case of salt sediment, can cause damage to the engine. Liquid cooling agents contain a mixture of rust deterrents and antifreeze to protect the engine and to maintain an acceptable temperature. The main cooling apparatus only services the stationary parts of the engine, for instance the head or block. Moving parts, such as pistons, use lubricating oil to transfer heat.

The problem facing manufacturers is the development of lubricants that can withstand high temperatures. Also, experimental internal combustion engine prototypes continue to be developed that reduce the amount of heat produced. The diesel engine, for example, uses ceramic coatings as heat barriers in the combustion chamber. The push for improved designs for high-performance engines and commercial air, land, and marine vehicles, has created the need for a communication network to keep manufacturers and suppliers on the same page. is a service that facilitates working partnerships between companies from different sectors of the cooling systems industry.

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