Cruise Control

Cruise control systems automatically maintain the speed of a vehicle without the need for the driver to engage the gas pedal. The use of this system is best suited to long distance driving where it improves driver comfort, allows a constant speed to be maintained and can improve fuel consumption. It is also a useful aid to prevent a driver from accidentally creeping over speed limits or when driving through hilly terrain. Continual developments are expanding the utility and efficiency of these systems, and offers buyers the opportunity to engage with the cruise control manufacturer to develop long-term business relationships.

An important consideration for a cruise control manufacturer is to ensure that the system is easy to use. Once the vehicle reaches the desired speed, a single switch enables the system and pressure on the brake pedal automatically disengages the system. Many designs incorporate a resume function that, when activated, will accelerate the car to the preset speed. For safety reasons, a cruise control supplier may suggest caution when using the system in busy city traffic or icy conditions on winding roads.

While the design may differ by manufacturer, the components of cruise control will include an actuator and a method of monitoring the speed of the vehicle. The actuator, which controls the throttle of the vehicle, may be either vacuum driven or fully electronic, while speed can be measured through sensors which also operate the speedometer or through electronic pulsed signals. A cruise control supplier may also offer adaptive systems that use lasers or radar to measure the speed and distance of the vehicle ahead and are able to automatically brake or accelerate to maintain a fixed safe distance.

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