Differential Construction & Components

In road-going vehicles, the differential is a crucial part of modern design. In its most basic function a differential takes a single point of drive - typically from the transmission, or transfer box - and transfers that kinetic energy to the wheels of the vehicle. The differential is only responsible for two wheels, so vehicles with four wheel drive will likely have two differentials. Another, more subtle function of the differential is to allow the two wheels it is connected to to turn at different speeds. This is mostly useful when the vehicle is turning, as the wheels will naturally want to turn at a different speed and wheels that are locked together will suffer from greatly increased tyre-wear, not to mention the impact it will have on fuel efficiency. For further essential motoring parts and construction professionals, productpilot.com provides the business platform needed.

Differential construction, where possible, will take weight considerations into account. However differential components are heavy by necessity, and the part can only be so light without compromising its strength. Differential construction in most cases allows for the dismantling and replacing of differential components. The diff is basically one big moving part, and as such, it is very susceptible to wear and tear if not properly maintained or if the vehicle is driven hard. For this reason, it is important to ensure the health of differential components with regular oil checks and changes.

The business of differential construction is one of precision and reliability. If a differential manufacturer's product were to fail due to poor construction, that company would struggle to do business in future as the differential is one of many single points of failure on a vehicle. In most cases a non-functioning differential means a vehicle that won't drive. In a market like this, it's important to stay informed. Productpilot.com can help traders with access to suppliers and their latest product developments.

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