Drive Shafts

Drive shafts are a small but crucial part of any vehicle. Though they make up a relatively insignificant percentage of any vehicle's overall mass, the failure of a drive shaft can prevent operation entirely. Drive shafts are responsible for transferring the kinetic energy in the transmission to the wheels of the vehicle. They mate up to a differential, or "diff", which allows the wheels to turn independently of each other. The drive shaft itself is little more than a solid bar with splines at either end, but the whole assembly has two articulated joints, one at either end, which are known as "CV joints". Drive shaft suppliers can usually supply the whole assembly, or just the joints/shaft as required. For most vehicles, it’s possible to find an after market/third party drive shaft manufacturer who can provide the necessary parts, often at a lower cost. can give buyers access to traders and suppliers with products to meet their needs.

The failure of one drive shaft can, depending on the vehicle, cause total loss of drive, but the damage that can be caused during a failure is far more severe. If a drive shaft were to come free of the transmission when the vehicle is in motion, the drive shaft will flail around at very high speed, causing considerable damage to surrounding components as it does. For this reason it is often better to get a complete assembly from a drive shaft manufacturer or drive shaft suppliers, rather than ordering individual components and risk assembling it incorrectly. Being such a crucial part of any vehicle, it's important to keep up to date with the latest developments regarding drive shafts.

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