Engine Speed Sensors

Engine speed sensors are electronic instruments that measure the speed at which a vehicle's crankshaft is rotating. The information is sent to the engine control module which regulates the ignition timing, the mixture of the fuel and other systems to ensure the engine is operating at optimum levels. Engine speed sensors are an example of the developments in the efficiency of the internal combustion engine that have led to the increasing use of electronics and computers. They were introduced when distributors were phased out and their function replaced by electronic systems, with suppliers ready to be contacted on productpilot.com.

The engine speed sensor commonly works by monitoring the level of the electric field produced by the magnetic coil in the crankshaft. As the crankshaft rotates, a toothed disk periodically obstructs the magnetic field creating pulses that are measured by the sensor and fed to the vehicle's onboard computer. Many sensor systems are sealed units and, therefore, have the added advantage of being resistant to water or dirt damage that could interrupt the flow of crucial data regulating the engine performance. They must also be able to operate in an extreme temperature environment and be resistant to high levels of vibration.

The data from the engine speed sensor is used to adjust the timing of the spark plugs, fuel injection and may be used for the cruise control and the speedometer functions. Engine speed sensors allow for higher levels of control in the ignition system that results in reduced fuel consumption, lower emission levels and a greater power output of the engine. The evolution of these systems and the search for improved accuracy has also resulted in engine speed sensors that utilise optical or inductive sensors.

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