One of the key parts of the automotive industry, engines are also used for electrical generation, railway locomotives and the aerospace industry. A typical engine manufacturer will construct engines for cars, vans, motorbikes, trucks and other road going vehicles. There are two main types of automotive engines which engine suppliers make – those which run on petroleum and those which run on diesel or biofuels. Mechanics usually specialise, being more skilled working on one type rather than the other, although many of the basic principles are transferable between the two. Engine manufacturers and suppliers of engine parts can be located using productpilot.com.

Essentially, an engine manufacturer makes the part of a vehicle which creates automotive force from burning combustible fuel in a controlled way. Fuel is introduced into the engine according to how much force is applied to the throttle which, in turn, pushes pistons. The back and forth piston movement created can then be converted into rotary force in order to turn wheels. Four-piston engines are the most common for an engine trader to stock, but smaller three stroke versions are becoming more and more usual in cars, largely due to their low fuel consumption rates. At the other end of the scale, high performance cars and some commercial vehicles require more pistons, such as those which use the famous V-8 engine.

Many engine suppliers will make components and engine parts for a single car maker, but others have deals to supply motors to many different ones. In addition, a number of car makers are their own engine manufacturer, such as Honda and General Motors, for example. Traders need to keep up to date with all the latest technological innovations with engines, particularly in fast-moving areas, like fuel emissions and economy rates.

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