Electric Motors

Electric motors are an important part of many electrical assemblies, appliances and installations. Essentially, these devices use the effects of magnetism with metallic windings and a commutator, which can be thought of as a rotating switch, to convert electrical energy into continuous mechanical movement.

An electric motor manufacturer may produce motors for transportation where they provide propulsion on trains, trams, ships and submarines. Increasingly, electric motor supplier technology plays an important part in the environmentally conscious drive to develop and expand the range of electric and hybrid vehicles. Large modern motors and rotating machinery include electric drives to provide significant starting force, speed control and braking. They are also used in fans, pumps and power tools as well as many household appliances from computer disk drives and miniature cooling fans to shavers, washing machines, dishwashers and coffee grinders. Owing to their proliferation, electric motor wholesale supplies are essential to many industry sectors.

Electric motor wholesale lines include larger products for refineries, or pipelines in processing plants. Pumps have motors to evacuate water or to spray it onto fires, while swimming pools and spas also use the technology. Machine tools such as band saws, drills, routers and lathes are further examples, though contacting electric motor manufacturers and suppliers with questions can be done using productpilot.com.

Performance data supplied by the electric motor manufacturer should be considered when purchasing - torque produced, voltage required, maximum running times and service intervals, especially for heavy-duty use. To prolong motor life, maintenance and servicing should be carried out regularly, with service providers available on productpilot.com. Electric motor supplier experts also recommend power protection circuitry (including overload protection) to avoid transient voltage spikes, as these can cause considerable damage.

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