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Forgings & castings can easily be mistaken for each other, yet they are actually two separate processes altogether. Automotive parts can be quite complex, and many a forgings supplier and various castings suppliers have been able to provide an effective solution to the mass production of complicated vehicle parts. Suppliers of vehicle parts can be found using

Though forgings & castings are created through different processes, they both start in a casting mould. With castings, two halves of a mould are created - often using a reformable medium such as packed industrial sand - and clamped together. Molten metal is then poured into the mould and left to cool. Once it has cooled it can be broken out of the mould and finished before being handed over to castings suppliers for sale. Forgings on the other hand are cast as an ingot—typically a rectangular lump of metal. There are various ways of forging, but typically in the automotive industry, the metal will be heated up and placed into a die. The die, which bears resemblance to a casting mould, is then pressed together, causing the hot metal to mould to the shape of the die. Once cooled, the freshly forged part can be finished and passed on to the forgings supplier. The forgings manufacturer will typically have to do a lot of machining on a forged part in order to get the final product.

The two processes each have their benefits. Parts that are forged, for example, are typically stronger, whereas it is much easier to cast complex shapes than forge them. A forgings manufacturer will spend a lot of time finishing in the machine shop before it can be handed to the forgings supplier. Working to service both forgings and castings suppliers, offers a resource for buyers and traders.

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