Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks are the means by which most vehicles store their fuel. The fuel in question is typically a flammable liquid such as gasoline/petrol, but the term "fuel tank" can refer to any container that is designed to store fuel. The storage of fuel in any situation is a potential hazard if the build quality of the tank is not up to specification, so it is important for every fuel tanks manufacturer to ensure high quality of product.

Fuel tanks may be constructed in a number of ways from a number of different materials. For example, fuel tanks intended for use in motor sports are often manufactured with extra strength and safety in mind as there is more likelihood of an impact. Standard vehicle's fuel tanks will be constructed with more thought given to keeping the weight down, though a high standard of safety will still needs to be met. Generally a fuel tanks manufacturer will specialise in certain types of tank, such as motor sport, though a full range can be sourced from the traders at productpilot.com.

Fuel is held in the tank and either propelled into the engine via a fuel pump, or simply released in the case of a pressurised tank. There will often be a means of determining the amount of fuel currently in the tank. Generally a fuel tanks manufacturer will be able to supply pumps and sensors with their tanks, though they may not be included as standard.

Vehicle manufacturers purchase wholesale fuel tanks in large quantities, both for vehicle builds and for dealer sales. A typical fuel tank manufacturer will not sell directly to the general public, though vehicle parts suppliers will buy wholesale fuel tanks that they will then sell on individually. As the technology powering cars is constantly changing, so too is the market for fuel tanks. Productpilot.com can help traders stay up to date with all the latest developments.

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