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A gear is typically a wheel with "teeth" around its circumference that works in conjunction with other gears to transfer kinetic energy. With varying sizes of a gear, different ratios can be achieved. For example, if a gear with ten teeth is being driven by a motor, and that gear is interlocked with another gear that has twenty teeth, the second gear will make two turns for every one turn of the driving gear. There are many uses for gears within the automotive industry and especially within the vehicles themselves. Gears and components of that nature are essential to the running of an internal combustion engine, for example, but also important in vehicles using other modes of power.

Perhaps the most commonly perceived product of a gear manufacturer is that of the internal components of the transmission, also known as a gearbox. More specifically a manual transmission, for while automatic transmissions do have some gears, they work in a very different manner. A gear supplier or gear manufacturer may specialise in gearbox parts, but there are other kinds of gear used in vehicles. For example, electrically powered windows will often use a simple gearing system. Windscreen wipers and starter motors also typically contain gears. Though a gear supplier or gear trader may aim to be a general purpose gear trader, some gears are made from different materials, such as lightweight plastic gears, and the manufacturing process for gears of different materials is very different. The market in which a gear trader operates is one that is embedded in the automotive industry, an industry that is constantly changing with newer and more improved technologies. can help traders stay well informed with access to all the latest updates and developments.

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