Glow Plugs

Glow plugs are an essential component in the starting of diesel-powered engines. Diesel engines are more difficult to start up than petrol engines owing to the fact that diesel is more difficult to ignite which can cause problems at lower temperatures. Upon ignition, electrical current is passed through the glow plugs causing them to heat up to the point where they actually begin to glow (hence the name), and this allows for the ignition of the diesel, even in cold weather. Though glow plugs vary from vehicle to vehicle, a typical glow plugs manufacturer or glow plug supplier will be vehicle-agnostic, and make glow plugs for many vehicles. can be used to access manufacturer and supplier information.

Glow plugs usually take the form of a pencil shaped component with a screw-thread roughly half way up the body of the component. One end of the plug is the heating element which resides in the engine itself. The other end is the terminal for connecting to the engine power supply. Due to the nature of the environment in which a glow plug operates, the tip of the glow plug must be made of special materials, such as platinum, which is resistant to high temperatures and oxidation. Any glow plugs manufacturer has to ensure their products are fitted with these expensive materials to ensure the plugs function correctly. The instrument cluster of a vehicle will often have an indicator to show that the glow plugs are active when the ignition is first turned on. Once this light goes off, the driver can then start the engine. Vehicles with faulty glow plugs will often not start, and so it is crucial that a glow plug supplier or glow plugs manufacturer ensure their product is of a high quality. can help traders stay in the loop and make contact with the glow plug supplier they need.

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