Ignition Systems

An ignition system is the system responsible for igniting the fuel-air mixture within the internal combustion engine, typically found in the average car. In said internal combustion engines, each cylinder is alternately filled with a fuel-air mixture at the top. As the engine turns the piston in that cylinder moves up towards the top where, at the appropriate time, the mixture is ignited, forcing the cylinder back down. This is the process that drives the engine, and without that ignition at the top of the piston stroke, the vehicle would not move.

There are different forms of ignition system, suppliers of which can be located at productpilot.com. For example, a petrol-engined vehicle uses spark plugs, which spark when required and ignite the fuel-air mixture. Diesel-engined vehicles on the other hand, rely on air compression to ignite, though they typically have glow plugs in order to heat the mixture when the engine is cold. In some cases, an engine may rely on a heated tube or a flame for the ignition process. Petrol-engined vehicles have used different methods to fire the spark plugs and create ignition. One method involved a "distributor", which contained a rotating magnet that fired each spark plug during the course of a rotation. In more modern vehicles, however, battery coil-operated ignition is the method of choice. In vehicles, "ignition system" may also refer to the key or push-button system by which the vehicle is started.

Though the ignition system is most commonly associated with the internal combustion engine, the definition lends itself to many applications, from oil-burning heaters to rocket engines, and even the process of firing ammunition from a pistol. The many uses of ignition systems, and the constantly evolving landscape in which they are used, makes for a moving target when it comes to trading. Productpilot.com allows traders access to any and all developments regarding this market.

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