Injection Systems

Injection systems are the part of a vehicle responsible for getting fuel into its internal combustion engine. Historically, injection systems have been associated primarily with diesel engines which cannot operate without injection. This has changed over the past few decades, however, with injection systems becoming standard in petrol engines. Petrol engines initially relied on carburettors for their fuel delivery, but the advantages of a fuel injection system soon necessitated the widespread use of injection over a carburettor system.

Fuel injection has allowed for many improvements over older forms of fuel delivery including much smoother driving and engine idling, better fuel efficiency, and fewer maintenance requirements. Another benefit to injection is the disposal of the need for a mechanical "choke", which would often need to be adjusted on older engines when they were cold in order to get them to start. Suppliers of replacement parts and engine components can be sourced via

Using an injection delivery system, fuel consumption is far more efficient. This results in more of the fuel delivered being converted to energy than in previous systems, with the end result of this being the same power-output as older systems for less fuel. This also counts as an environmental benefit; both in the sense of harmful emissions from the vehicle itself, and in the sense of reducing the demand on the planet's natural resources per individual vehicle.

Injection systems are controlled electronically - unlike carburetor systems - which necessitates an electronic control module. These modules - often referred to as an "ECU", or "engine control unit" - have grown in complexity over the years. It is not uncommon for a modern vehicle to have multiple driving "modes" such as "economy", or "sport". These modes are achieved by the control unit altering the way the engine runs, including the fuel delivery system. Such systems are always improving, searching for more efficiency in an increasingly conservative world. can allow buyers access to all the latest trader information.

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