The term membrane can be used to describe any thin, pliable sheet of natural or synthetic material. Some membranes are semi-permeable or permeable only to certain small molecules while others, by definition, are completely or almost completely impermeable.

Semi-permeable membranes are widely used in food processing, water and wastewater treatment and energy production, as well as being essential elements in many vehicles, too. The principle is that the membrane acts a filter, allowing water and some dissolved substances to flow through, but isolating suspended solids and other substances. In so doing, the membrane effectively concentrates and purifies an end-product or, in the case of wastewater treatment, impurities, which can be collected or disposed of appropriately. Businesses can use to identify the membrane manufacturers who can meet their industry requirements.

Landscaping, or weed control, fabrics fall into the semi-permeable category insofar that they allow the passage of air and water, but present an impenetrable barrier to roots and shoots. These rot-proof fabrics are installed between the surface dressing and the soil beneath and greenery is planted through holes or slits in the fabric to provide a practical aid to weed control.

Impermeable membranes are widely used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications to prevent the intrusion of water in buildings. Waterproofing membranes are typically made from coated fabric, plastic or rubber, but they are also available in the form of liquid polyurethane, which is sprayed on the substrate to create a fully bonded membrane, with no seams, welds or similar weak spots. In the case of a wet room, or waterproofed room, the floors and walls are typically covered with a thick, waterproof membrane, or ‘tanked’, to prevent water from leaking from joints and penetrable areas. provides the ideal introduction to the membrane marketplace.

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