Oil Systems

Oil systems are the means by which an engine is kept lubricated. Engines are composed of many moving parts, and wherever there is a moving part, there is inevitably wear and tear. Over time, a moving mechanical component will wear down to the point of failure, but ensuring it is adequately lubricated can extend the life of the part by orders of magnitude. In order for this to happen, an oil system needs to be in place to deliver the lubricant to the necessary locations within the engine, with suppliers of these systems being found on productpilot.com.

There are various types of oil system, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The most common oil system used in everyday life is called a "wet sump" system, and is likely the kind that will be found in most consumer vehicles with the exception of motorbikes and smaller vehicles. A wet sump oil system benefits from a simplified design when compared to a "dry sump" system. As with anything mechanical, the simpler a system is, the less likely it is to fail. Wet sumps store the lubricating oil inside the engine itself, sucking it out of the oil pan at the bottom of the engine. Once the oil has been delivered, it is left to fall back down to the oil pan under gravity and repeat the process. This system relies on natural forces - such as gravity - and can come under strain when experiencing excessive cross-forces such as high speed turning or excessively steep climbs. Dry sump systems have an external oil reservoir, which is better for cooling, but makes the system more prone to leaking. Crankcase compression systems do away with the reservoir entirely, instead taking the lubricant in as part of its fuel mixture.

New technologies are being developed all the time, and it's crucial to stay well informed. Productpilot.com can help buyers by allowing access to all the latest information and developments from their chosen supplier in this industry.

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