Pumps are mechanical devices for moving fluids within a larger mechanism. Modern machinery uses pumps powered by electricity, though they can also be manual. Pumps are most often used to move a liquid through a closed system, such as the fuel pump in a car. Fuel pumps transfer the car’s fuel from the tank to the engine, usually by increasing the pressure. Buyers of wholesale pumps will find a pump manufacturer at productpilot.com, with the potential to create a useful business partnership. The majority of modern car engines use a pump of some kind, leading to a large and consistent demand for these parts.

Older cars used mechanical fuel pumps, which are still sometimes produced by a pump manufacturer for replacement purposes. They are also used to pump oil, due to their simplicity and reliability. The advent of fuel injection led to the adoption of electric pumps, so these form the bulk of wholesale pumps, though models and specifications vary depending on the intended car. Electric pumps are small devices which typically fit inside the fuel tank, pushing the fuel by creating positive pressure. Though it may seem dangerous to have an electric component inside the fuel tank, this is actually perfectly safe because the pump is submerged and liquid fuel cannot explode. Electronic control units can also provide a safety function by cutting out the fuel pump after an accident, preventing fuel from pumping out onto the road.

A pump manufacturer will provide pumps for various parts of engines and various car types, as well as larger vehicles and industrial pumps. The market for pumps tends to include buyers of oil systems and other engine components, with cross-industry contacts available via productpilot.com.

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HEPU water pumps

Wherever motors run and vehicles are used for mobility and transport, genuine HEPU...


Acodex Enterprise Co., Ltd.

ACODEX, established in 1991, is the leading pumps, grease gun and electric chain...


High Performance BOSCH Fuel Pump 0580254044 for Honda Porsche Nissan

Inlet connection:M18*1.5 Outlet connection:M12*1.5 1. include install kits  2. Flow...


Ahmad Traders

We have honor of introducing ourselves to you as a leading Exporter and Manufacturer...


Water Pump

GMB proudly announces that all principal component parts are designed, manufactured...


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Water Pump for Audi

06A 121 011 C / A3 1.8-1.8T-S3 (09/96-05/03) / 9070 06A 121 011 E / A4 1.8T (01/96-12/04...


A.P. Diesels UK Ltd.

AP Diesels Ltd, one of Europe’s foremost diesel pump and injector remanufacturers...

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