Rubber-Metal Composites

Rubber-metal composites are materials made by laminating metal and rubber, both of which retain their original characteristics in the hybrid composite. Rubber-metal composites are constructed by depositing resin on metal and then applying binder to the resin. Rubber is applied to the binder and the rubber is then vulcanized at 90°C to 220°C. The resulting product combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength of metal. Other advantages of the hybrid are excellent mechanical properties, low weight, and damping of vibrations. A composite liner or seal lasts up to five times longer than the same product made from rubber or metal alone, and providers of these sturdy, durable products are available for businesses via

A frequent use of rubber-metal laminate is in the manufacture of seals for the automotive industry. A rubber-metal seal covers an uneven surface and small holes in metal parts and thereby eliminates the need for finishing the metal. Assemble lines can be made more efficient and cost effective with metal-rubber laminates as the seal can be bonded to the frame, which results in a significant reduction in the number of components to be assembled.

Applications of rubber-metal laminates in the automotive industry are seals in assemblages of gear and transmission systems, air-conditioning systems, coolant and lubrication systems, and braking systems. Linings made of rubber-metal composites are leak proof and non-corrosive and, therefore, make an ideal seal for automotive batteries, car doors, windows, hoods and trunks. The light weight of the laminate means less stress on moving and rotating parts and extends the life of the vehicle. The ecological advantage of rubber-metal laminate is the vibration control that makes the automobile quieter inside and out. Rubber-metal composites have a wide application in the automobile industry. Buyers and traders of metal-rubber composites can locate suppliers of the latest designs and technologies at

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