Servo Units

A servo unit - also known as a vacuum servo, or brake booster - is a component found on just about all modern vehicles which use hydraulic braking systems. It serves the purpose of assisting the driver when braking by reducing the amount of effort said driver needs to apply to the brakes. Servo units are not used on braking systems that use cables, rods and linkages, or air pressure to apply the brakes. A servo manufacturer may sell their products to a servo supplier, or servo dealer, but they may also sell directly to vehicle manufacturers in cases where the servo manufacturer itself is not owned by one. ensures businesses can locate the suppliers needed.

The servo unit operates by increasing the braking force applied by the driver using a stored vacuum. The vacuum can be created a number of ways depending on the type of vehicle. In the case of internal combustion engines, it is usually created using the engine itself. A dedicated vacuum pump may be needed depending on the type engine, but it will still be driven by the engine. Inside the servo unit is a diaphragm separating two chambers. When the vacuum is in effect, the air pressure in both chambers is lowered equally. However, when the driver applies the brakes, air is let into one chamber, causing the diaphragm to move towards the low pressured chamber. The force of this motion added to the force of the driver’s foot is what moves the master cylinder in the braking system, and ultimately applies the brakes.

Obviously, braking systems are a crucial safety aspect of any vehicle, so any servo manufacturer hoping to stay in business will ensure a very high standard of quality. With the advancing technologies driving vehicles, it pays for a servo manufacturer to stay ahead of the times. The same can be said for buyers and sellers in this market, and can help in that respect, allowing access to all the latest manufacturer updates and products.

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