Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are a product largely associated with the automotive & infrastructure industry. An essential part of any passenger carrying vehicle, the shock absorber (also referred to as a "shock damper") serves the role of "cushioning" the force of sudden jolts from passing over uneven terrain. Such incidences of uneven terrain can range from poor road surfaces to full off-road conditions. The shock absorber converts the kinetic energy created by travelling over uneven surfaces into other kinds of energy, usually heat. The effect of a shock absorber not only makes the ride more comfortable for the passengers, but also prevents damage to other components on the vehicle. Because of this, any shock absorber manufacturer of note work to ensure their product is of a high quality and in-keeping with the latest technological developments.

A typical shock absorber manufacturer will also make a range of other associated products, such as coil springs and various other standard parts. These will often be sold on to a shock absorber supplier before finding their way into the market proper. It is not uncommon for a shock absorber manufacturer to specialise in their field, providing budget, premium, or sports products only, though shock absorber suppliers will typically stock a little of everything. Using, it’s possible to locate the supplier to ensure all industry demand needs are met.

As with everything in the automotive & infrastructure industry, shock absorbers are a constantly evolving technology, with various manufacturers always trying to out-compete each other in terms quality and cost. For any buyers or sellers interested in this market, it's essential to stay relevant and up to date with the latest developments.

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