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A surprising amount of the automotive industry’s work relies on springs & components. Springs themselves are pieces of coiled metal with varying degrees of rigidity depending on the application. They can be compressed, but will "spring" back to their original form when released, hence the name. Spring components are, simply, any components that use springs as part of their design. There are many springs used in the construction of a vehicle, from the buttons on the latches on a door to the deepest darkest workings of an automatic transmission, but there is also a great deal of machinery involved in making those components within the automotive industry. There is no shortage of automotive applications for a spring manufacturer or spring supplier to fill, and businesses with essential component needs can be sourced using the online-portal productpilot.com.

One of the most well-known kinds of spring to be found on a vehicle is that of s suspension coil, which is essentially a very large spring that sits between the wheel hub assembly and the body of the vehicle, offering some degree of cushioning from rough terrain. This kind of spring is made from very thick metal, and can withstand a great deal of weight. At the other end of the spectrum, automatic transmissions use "detents" in their hydraulic control units, which contain springs that are as far from a suspension coil as is possible. These kinds of spring components are minuscule and offer little resistance, their purpose often being to plug an oil feed hole when the flow has stopped. It is typical for a spring manufacturer to make springs to requested specification, rather than specialise in springs for certain applications. Whether a spring manufacturer or a trader in this market, it pays to stay informed using the online-portal productpilot.com.

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