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Standard parts cover a range of products within the automotive parts market that are more commonly used and often trivial to replace. There is no clear distinction between what are standard parts and what are not, but a number of criteria can be considered such as availability of the part, what is involved in exchanging the part, and how often the part typically needs replacing.

On the subject of availability, third party vehicle parts suppliers will often keep a large amount of stock on site so as to be able to serve their customers immediately, rather than having to order a part in with the ensuing wait for its arrival that that entails. It would be impractical to store every part possible, so parts suppliers will only stock the commonly requested ones. In this manner, they are able to serve the majority of their customers straight away and can use to locate wholesale suppliers. The parts that they keep in stock are typically standard parts.

Some parts that can be considered as not standard include ones that are only available from the vehicle manufacturer itself, or parts that require special procedures to install. Often these two criteria both apply at the same time. One example of the latter is any electronic unit, such as an instrument cluster, or engine control module, that needs "coding" to the vehicle in order to operate. In such cases a specialist computer will need connecting to the part – though the actual procedure will vary from vehicle to vehicle - and programming using proprietary software. With vehicles becoming more and more complex, what constitutes a standard part is always changing. can help traders stay in the loop with access to all the latest developments from this sector of the market.

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