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A starter, or starter motor, is the component on an internal combustion engine which initiates motion when the engine is started. Internal combustion engines are essentially self-driven in the sense that the engine needs to be turning for the next revolution to occur. An engine piston is forced down under the force of combustion which drives the engine. As that piston is forced back up by the engine, it compresses the fuel-air mixture, which is combusted and the piston is forced down again. This process works fine while the engine is running, but when it is not, and there is no momentum forcing a piston upwards to compress the fuel-air mixture, it will not work. This is where starter components come in. The starter is an electrical motor that derives its power directly from the car battery. It turns the engine enough to achieve combustion and can be sourced from the traders at

Starters manufacturers will often sell wholesale starters and starter components to automotive parts suppliers. Starter components rarely fail entirely, and many starter suppliers will require defective units in exchange when selling a new starter, as they will then be able to recondition that defective unit for selling at a later date. Starter components include things like the engagement solenoid, coils, pinion gears, housings, and more, though it is very uncommon for a general garage to undertake repairs on starter motors. Though the efficiency of starter motors has improved over time, a starter does not carry sufficient torque to drive an engine, and would quickly drain the average car battery if it were used in such a manner. It is intended only to initiate the combustion process of the engine itself. In the automotive industry, where technology moves at break–neck speed, it is essential to stay well–informed. can help traders with access to all the latest developments from this industry.

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