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Steering is the means by which most vehicles are able to change the direction in which they are travelling. Though the kind of steering encountered by most people is that in the automotive industry - a car's steering wheel, for example - the term "steering" applies to most forms of the transport such as bikes, aeroplanes, boats, and more. It does not apply to railed vehicles, such as trains, where direction changes are handled by changes in the track itself.

Steering in auto-mobiles can be achieved through a number of different methods, such as a bell–crank steering linkage, or a rack-and-pinion steering linkage. The steering components used vary depending on the system used, but a many components are commonplace, such as linkages, and are commonly available from the suppliers at In wheeled road–going vehicles steering is often achieved by changing the angle of some or all of the wheels (usually the front wheel or wheels) by hand, such as with a steering wheel or handle bars.

Steering on vehicles made for specific purposes may use different methods better suited to their task. Examples of this include rear–wheeled steering in fork–life trucks, or all–wheel steering on certain tractor units. In cases where more than two wheels are being steered, it is often the case that computer control and actuators are used to control the additional wheels, which will typically not turn as far as the primary steering wheels. Steering components and the system they comprise need to be as reliable as possible; a steering system failure during vehicle operation could be fatal, especially at high speeds.

The market for steering components is embedded in the ever-evolving automotive industry, and change is always a possibility. The need to keep in touch with the latest developments is well known by traders on, where businesses can find suppliers of steering components when needed.

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