Straps are used as a tool for holding something in place. The term "strap" can apply to a wide variety of products from parts of clothing to components on a suitcase, however, in the automotive world they are primarily (though not exclusively) used in the service vehicle industry. Straps are often made from a tough fabric woven into a flat wide material that can be rolled up easily. A strap manufacturer will typically offer many different kinds of strap to suit different needs. These differences often come down to simply the strength of the strap, or how much weight it is rated for. Suppliers at will also sell wholesale straps, an important part of bottom line of any strap manufacturer and automotive dealership.

The most common form of strap in the automotive industry is known as a "ratchet strap", which is fastened at one end to an anchor point, passed over, around, or through the thing that it is being used to hold in place, and then connected via a ratcheting mechanism at the other end. This ratcheting mechanism is then used to tighten the strap much further than could be done by hand. Though a strap manufacturer may create these products too, it is not uncommon for the manufacturer of the strap and the manufacturer of the various hooks and ratchets to be separate. The sale of wholesale straps may be handled by the manufacturer directly, though the sale of complete strap systems will often be handled by a supplier. can give traders the tools they need, such as access to the latest developments within this sector and others.

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