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Turned parts are automotive parts that have, at some stage in their manufacturing process, undergone turning. The process of turning is a relatively simple form of metal working a cylindrical part that was created through another process such as forging, casting, or extrusion. The work piece is then "turned down" to precise dimensions before the next stage of its manufacture. A turned parts manufacturer will often handle other aspects of the manufacture of the part, just as a turned parts supplier will often supply other parts, such as is reflected in the productpilot.com listings.

The process of turning involves rotating the work piece and cutting the outer surface of it as it spins. The rotation is typically handled by a lathe, though the lathe can be manually operated, or automated if the turned parts manufacturer has a high volume of parts to fulfil. The lathe will spin the work piece at speed as the cutting tool - often a single point cutting tool - moves along the outer surface of the work piece cutting away material. This process can be used to simply shave material from the work piece in order to bring the outer diameter to a certain size or within a certain tolerance. It can also be used to cut features into the work piece, such as a tapered end, or a "parting" in the body of the work piece itself. The process of turning can be delicate work, and taking a large amount of material from a work piece will require many shallower passes to achieve the desired result without damaging the cutting tool or ending up with a rough cut.

A turned parts manufacturer may receive turning work from other metal working firms that lack the equipment. A typical turned parts supplier can be found by companies on the productpilot.com business platform, for trade in this industry sector. Productpilot.com helps traders in this sector of the market stay informed with access to all the latest in industry equipment and merchandise.

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