The wishbone is part of a vehicle's suspension system and is named after the similarly shaped bone in a bird's wing. Its function is to connect the wheel to the chassis as part of a unit that absorbs bumps and vibrations while allowing the wheel to remain in contact with the road. It is used in the construction of some of the most popular suspension systems such as the double wishbone and the MacPherson strut. These are found in economy as well as luxury models of passenger vehicles and wishbones may also be incorporated in units designed for performance and racing cars. Buyers and suppliers looking for a reliable source of automotive parts can find a business partner matching their needs on productpilot.com.

The MacPherson strut suspension systems with wishbones are commonly found at the front of the car, especially on front wheel drive vehicles. The unit is narrow and allows designers to fit the mechanism into a smaller area making this ideal for compact cars where space is at a premium. Another consideration for locating this type of suspension system in the engine compartment is that the noise and vibration from the system can be more effectively dampened and isolated from the passenger compartment.

The double wishbone system is widely used for the rear wheels and in heavier cars due to its ability to dampen the sway and roll of the vehicle. This mechanism is larger, more complex to manufacture and, therefore, more costly, but it enables the tyres to maintain a greater level of contact with the road surface and increases the handling characteristics while driving. Different makes and model of car have variations in the design of their suspension systems, and the wishbone is a common component.

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