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Certificate and testing services are offered by specialist garages and motor vehicle test centres to vehicle owners and fleet operators in order to facilitate compliance with regulations and legal requirements.

Certification is required on occasions such as new vehicle type approval, before use on public roads. Approval is granted when a vehicle meets established technical and safety standards; this certification process known as Type Approval or homologation (or similar) in some European countries. Vehicle certification agencies coordinate this approval process; European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) is required for all new road vehicles including passenger cars, trailers and components.

Manufacturers and importers typically obtain type approval for new vehicles, as this is required before a vehicle can be sold. However, a test and certificate service will be required for vehicles that are privately built, modified, imported from one country to another or radically altered such as after extensive repair work. Vehicle operators and businesses with cars will find productpilot.com an ideal search tool to locate certificate and testing service providers with ease. For the workshop or test centre, it is also a potent marketing tool to promote a local certificate service.

For previously registered vehicles, periodic testing for roadworthiness and safety is required to comply with transport regulations or motoring law, normally from when the vehicle is three or four years old - depending on the type of vehicle and national legislation. A testing service pass certificate confirms that when the test was completed, the vehicle met certain standards. However, it does not guarantee that a vehicle will remain fully serviceable, or even roadworthy, for the duration of the test period.

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