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The cleaning and laundry industry is one that makes up an important part of garage services, along with items like tools and certificate and testing services. Larger mechanical repair shops tend to outsource their cleaning to third-party companies rather than conduct laundry themselves, but the wholesale market for garage cleaning products is strong. Furthermore, laundry suppliers which provide goods and services for garages and other places where mechanics work, such as industrial production lines, commonly require specialist products which are designed for large-scale use. This is because ground in stains and hard-to-remove blemishes are often to be found, frequently caused by simple day-to-day activities. As result, regular washing is required by laundry suppliers, sometimes on a daily basis. Any cleaning supplier operating in the automotive sector must, therefore, provide a service which is able to remove often difficult staining whilst making sure that overalls and uniforms are not damaged or bleached from repeated washing. In some cases, a cleaning supplier like those found on will not simply launder clothing, but also provide cleaning services to the interior of vehicles, working on upholstery and carpet, for example.

Competition in the garage sector is fierce among the top companies and the cleaning wholesale trade reflects this with the diverse number of products on sale. In any given year, new developments are made to long-established cleaning and laundry products such as garage floor mops and detergents which are specifically designed to remove grease from overalls. In recent years, anti-microbial technologies have been introduced on a widespread basis into garage cleaning wholesale products, too. Professionals in the cleaning and laundry industry who specialise with goods for mechanics and garage operatives at will keep up to date with industry developments.

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