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Garages form the heart of the automotive industry and are key institutions when it comes to ensuring the smooth-running of the sector. Garages handle the bulk of the physical labour that goes on in the automotive industry. When a car needs repairing, it is not taken to an engine components manufacturer for work doing, but a garage. An essential part of running a garage is having the right equipment. Garage equipment manufacturers and garage equipment suppliers are the makers and suppliers of the tools garages need to operate. These tools may be small hand held variants, but also include heavy machinery necessary for specialised tasks. Suppliers of this equipment and further automotive essentials can be located using the site.

Some garage equipment suppliers may opt to franchise their brand out in order to expand their reach. The franchise method particularly suits wholesale garage equipment companies who are not necessarily interested in becoming garage equipment suppliers. Wholesale garage equipment tends to deal with smaller tools rather than heavy machinery. The tools used can also include specialised computing devices and software for various tasks related to diagnostics in the ever more complex automotive scene.

The tools & machines used in the automotive industry are relied upon heavily for their durability. Buyers may prefer to pay far more for a tool that will last much longer than other, less-expensive alternatives. For this reason many garage equipment manufacturers offer long and sometimes even lifetime warranties with their products. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, so too does the scope of garage equipment. provides buyers with access to all the latest developments in the garage equipment industry.

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1/2" DR. Brushless Cordless Impact Wrench (Item No.: KPAA1650)

● Powerful Motor with Brushless Design for Maximum Output Torque ● Brushless Motor...


31 Incorporated

History In 1961, 31 Inc. was founded by Bob Cornell, nephew of the originator...


1/2" DR. Super Duty Air Impact Wrench (Item No: KAAX1660)

● Twin Hammer Impact Mechanism High performance and powerful designed impact mechanism...


AAA-Best Enterprise Corporation

Lykoi is an international leader in hand tools and workshop equipment, specialising...


3-IN-1 Super Duty Orbital Air Sander (Item No: KAMA0505)

● Rear Exhaust with Muffler ● 3-In-1 Vacuum Modes Design - Non-Vacuum, Central...


4EC1800 - Electromechanical 2-Post Lift Baseless

 Quality engineering to ensure the highest working safety, longer life time and to reduce...


abc service marketing e.K.

Full-Service Supplier: unyco stands for premium products that combine durable...

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