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In the automotive industry, and specifically in garages, measuring & testing instruments are crucial to many tasks related to maintenance, repair, and testing of vehicles. Even the simple act of checking the pressure in a vehicle's tyres requires a measuring instrument in order to ensure that there is both enough air pressure, but also not so much as to risk over inflating and possibly bursting the tyre. Given the potentially severe implications of faulty measurements, it's easy to see why a good measuring instruments manufacturer will strive for the highest quality possible. A road accident on any scale is serious, and no measuring instruments manufacturer or measuring instruments supplier wants to have their name tarnished by faulty products when the stakes are so high. ensures reliable suppliers can be sourced.

Similarly for testing, it is often a matter of governmental regulation that vehicles meet certain standards in order to be considered road legal, and the testing stations that perform these tests need the appropriate equipment. Testing instruments suppliers have the same burden of quality as any measuring instruments supplier. More so, in fact, as there are often severe consequences for a garage incorrectly declaring a vehicle road legal. Testing instruments suppliers will often have a rigorous standard of testing imposed on their own products for this reason.

Examples of products which may be found in the typical automotive measuring instruments manufacturer catalogue include engine coolant testers, transmission fluid dip sticks, contact-less temperature sensors, and much more. Automotive technology is constantly adapting and improving, and so are the tools and equipment that are needed to work on them. can help buyers and sellers in this market with access to all the latest developments.

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