No other hand tool is quite as versatile as a good pair of pliers. Electricians, metal workers, assembly workers, tradesmen, jewellers and craft workers all rely on pliers to safely hold, bend, compress, cut and strip small objects and parts. Wholesale pliers are indispensable for those working with electricity and welding equipment, and for the handling of sharp and corrosive objects. Wherever fingers don’t reach or provide insufficient grip, pliers are a reliable substitute.

A pliers manufacturer on will have the appropriate pliers wholesale for any task. Popular tools of this type include flat nose and long nose pliers, combination pliers, tongue and groove pliers, side cutting pliers, wire-stripping pliers, crimping pliers and self-grip or locking pliers. Ergonomic, slip-guard and soft grip handles provide comfort, good balance in the hand and safety when working on live and hot components.

A tool is only as good as the materials from which it is forged. A pliers manufacturer will produce these precision tools using only highly durable metals, such as carbon steel, chrome vanadium steel, nickel-plated and heavy gauge steel. Laser and induction hardening further strengthens the tool for even greater cutting and grip capabilities. Household and DIY pliers often come in convenient sets, as do professional pliers in a variety of sizes. Other types of pliers available from a pliers supplier or pliers manufacturer at include those designed for jewellery making and crafts. These smaller tools regularly come into contact with materials that are easily scratched or damaged whilst being bent or formed. The addition of sprung handles and nylon, brass or aluminium tipped jaws allows these materials to be handled firmly yet safely.

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