An essential part of the school supplies sector, along with items like maps, desk equipment and writing and drawing tools, scissors can be put to a number of uses in the classroom. The wholesale scissors market caters for the educational sector along with several others, such as craft and hobby stores, warehouse supplies and office products.

School scissors tend to be fairly specialist, with a variety of models and makes available. All of the latest product developments from the best designers in the sector can be researched at This is because the school wholesale scissors market is largely made up of safety products which can be used by children who are getting used to handling sharp objects. Although many a school scissors supplier will stock metal products which can be used by older children in art and needlework classes, younger kids tend to be offered plastic scissors which have rounded ends. This makes them safer to use in a classroom as well as carry about from place to place.

Product developments in recent years, from some of the leading scissor manufacturers, has meant that plastic scissors are now much more effective at cutting paper than ever before. As such, they are ideal for safely cutting out shapes in geometry classes as well as being used creatively in more art-based activities, like making montages, for instance. Developing confidence with handling scissors is behind what many of the manufacturers which make these products for the educational sector do. A good number of the latest products have additional features which make them easier to handle by children, too. For example, smaller handles are often used for children's scissors, along with ergonomic handle coverings which help younger users to apply more power accurately.

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