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Within the automotive & infrastructure industry, oil, lubricant & chemical products play an enormous role. Vital to the running of vehicles, the automotive industry would not function without the manufacture and distribution of these products. Oil - in particular - serves a number of functions; as a lubricant in the day to day running of a vehicle, but also as the initial source of the fuel that powers the engine. Most of these products can be found at gas stations, who will often buy wholesale oils in large quantities from an oil trader. Oil suppliers don't necessarily sell all oil products, instead preferring to sell the distilled oil substances on to other companies, such as a lubricants manufacturer or an oil trader. Chemicals suppliers at productpilot.com also sell oil-based products.

Chemicals suppliers provide a great number of products, from chemicals required in the running of a vehicle, to cleaning and maintenance products. For example, there are certain chemicals needed to run an air conditioning system that, from time to time, need replenishing. Window cleaning chemicals, upholstery cleaning chemicals, chemicals to purify the ventilation system of a vehicle, and much more are standard stock for regular vehicle maintenance. The role of a lubricants manufacturer is more straight forward; there are only a few different lubricants used in the running of a vehicle.

Oil suppliers are greatly affected by the political climate. Oil is a limited resource, and the price of oil varies greatly depending on which nations have the most oil and what the relationships are between those nations. Many an oil trader will have found themselves cursing as oil prices rise due to political trouble in an oil supplying nation. The market for oils, lubricants & chemicals can be a volatile one. Productpilot.com allows traders, buying or selling, access to all of the latest developments in this industry.

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