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The gas station sector is a highly specialised field of industry in many territories not least because of the large amount of safety equipment and devices that are required for self-service operation of fuel pumps and nozzles. Along with supplying oils, lubricants and chemicals, the chief purpose of a petrol station is to provide a range of fuels to consumers in a safe and efficient delivery format. Gas station software helps to monitor all of the functions of a filling station, including safety features like automatic cut-off when a tank has reached its limit. In other areas of operation, gas station software is used to register the license plates of vehicles entering the forecourt. This means that problems of drivers forgetting to pay and theft are avoided. ensures those in this sector can access software suppliers. Overall, gas station technology has meant quite an overhaul of the way these specialist retail outlets operate over the last few decades and new technological innovations are in the pipeline all the time.

Another area of growth with gas station software is in the use of fuel cards. These tend to be used by long haul professional drivers who work for haulage and delivery firms. With a fuel card system, drivers are able to pay for their fuel when they pull into a filling station without having to use a credit card and claim their expenses back. In addition, a fuel card will log their location and journey progress back to a central computer. This has the advantage of being able to track consignments accurately and of preventing drivers from syphoning off fuel because their rate of filling and projected fuel consumption can all be monitored. For more details of new approaches to gas station technology, visit

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