Automotive Interior Equipment & Paneling

Headliners, door panels and panelling, seating and equipment are essential vehicle components. It is necessary that they look good and feel good, while providing comfort and functionality. While the sleek body shape may be what first attracts a buyer to a car, it’s the automotive interior, styling and equipment that sell it.

Environmentally aware manufacturers of headlining systems available at are sourcing materials, foams, and adhesives which are more eco-friendly and easily recyclable. Automotive interior systems like headlining are generally of modular construction. Whether they include sun visors or are a lighted or panoramic headliner, the modular system allows the motor manufacturer ease of fitting similar headliners throughout its range of different models.

Car doors in modern vehicles are an essential component on which switches for windows, electronic locking devices, acoustic speakers, and other accessories are operated or embedded. Modern materials improve soundproofing, reduce weight, and improve overall longevity of the panels. Interior panels, door pillar panels, and estate car trunk panels are designed for maximum soundproofing, while being functional, hardwearing, and attractive to the eye.

Modular automobile seating uses lightweight, high-strength metal frames for both front and rear seats. Manual or electric customisable reclining mechanisms and seat heating with adapters allows for easy adaptability between model types, while ensuring maximum safety requirements. Modern foams provide durable and comfortable seating for short or long journeys, while a plethora of fabric and trims provide unique colours and patterns for different manufactures, reducing costs and improving safety while promoting the company brand.

State of the art technology provides cutting edge cockpits, instrument panels, instruments, lighting, centre consoles with high storage levels and other automotive interior features. Maximising driver satisfaction with GPS and high quality sound systems both enhances the appeal of the vehicle and provides for the optimum driving experience.

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