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The automotive lighting sector is one that goes back to the earliest days of car manufacturing, but it has now evolved out of all recognition from when the industry started. Many car manufacturers now sub-contract their lighting needs and this can range from the internal, courtesy lighting within a vehicle to the much more specialised exterior lighting products which are used by all vehicles to signal and to light their way in the dark or adverse weather conditions. Today's cars need much more than mere headlamps, indicators, sidelights, brake lights and reversing lamps. They are also likely to include electrical systems and sensor technology which tell the lights when to turn themselves on – and when to turn themselves off – without the driver needing to intervene. offers a platform for businesses to locate contacts for their particular automotive lighting needs, whether they are buyers, manufacturers or wholesalers.

The automotive lighting industry will also cater for the infotainment sector as well, an ever more important aspect of any new car's design. Of course, any manufacturer or supplier of automotive lighting products is rarely just catering for the car industry and truck manufacturers and motorbike makers are also a significant part of the sector.

All sorts of suppliers of automotive lighting products, from individual components - like LEDs - to entire assemblies, can be located at With, it is possible to find the right business partner, supplying the right sorts of products with ease. Once found, successful and long-lasting business relationships can be built, helping both buyers and suppliers to grow their business networks and stay ahead of the competition.

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