Position Lights

There are many forms of automotive lighting to serve a number of purposes, but few are intended to be as courteous as the position light. Position lights can be found on the front, rear, and even side of a vehicle, depending on its design. Generally speaking, a position light will be less bright and use less power than a running light. Sometimes referred to as a parking light or sidelight, essentially their main purpose is to make the vehicle conspicuous in darkened conditions so that other drivers will be able to clearly see them. The position light is designed to consume less power so that it can be left on for long periods while the vehicle is parked without draining the battery. Suppliers of these and other vehicle essentials can be sourced at productpilot.com.

Forward position lights, for the most part, emit a white light, though some regions also allow position lights to emit an amber light, and some regions permit amber light only on certain vehicles. Rear position lamps, on the other hand, must only emit a red light. Rear position lights-also referred to as tail lights or tail lights-are sometimes combined with the braking lights, and will simply become brighter to signify the vehicle is stopping. This is often achieved by using a double-element bulb. There are regulations to determine the difference in brightness between the brake and rear position lights. LED lights are slowly becoming the preferred lighting solution for rear lights (of all types) over traditional filament bulbs due to their superior energy-to-brightness ratio. Productpilot.com ensures that traders have access to all the latest developments from this market sector.

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