Electrics, Electronics & Sensor Technology

Electrics, electronics and sensor technology is employed in an immense variety of applications ranging from manufacturing industry to office communications and the modern kitchen. Mass-produced electronics manufacturer lines also include automotive lighting, vehicle reverse warning sensors and navigation or in-car entertainment systems. To locate electronics suppliers and manufacturers, productpilot.com lists numerous innovative wholesale electronics companies offering wide ranges of components, assemblies and system solutions.

In addition to feedback applications for quality control in manufacturing, sensors are found in safety and security circuitry. Here, they convert physical inputs such as motion, pressure, position or temperature into electrical signals that can be read. Optical and thermal or passive infrared sensors detect movement or adjust system performance; magnetic sensors can detect the presence of vehicles, whereas thermocouples measure heat and produce a voltage output depending on temperature. Broadly, there are two types of sensor – analogue (with a voltage output) and digital (with a direct computer output).

Wholesale electronics is a vital aspect to any workplace and home, from digital radios and microprocessors in domestic appliances, through to smartphones and tablets to large office computers and industrial production lines. Various electronics suppliers may offer general catalogue items or choose to specialise in bespoke automated robotic manufacturing, computer network implementations or satellite communications.

Building security implementations and access control use typical electronics manufacturer catalogue hardware such as CCTV, while intelligent buildings use sensors with purpose-designed electrics and electronics to manage the environment automatically. The world of electrics often overlaps with that of electronics and sensors; examples include lamps and lighting, motors, lifts and sliding doors. Common fast-selling components include switches, relays, fans, wiring, cable and connectors, along with power supply units and transformers.

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