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Mostly associated with electric guitars, pickups are used in wide variety of stringed instruments, converting the vibrations of a string, or set of strings, into an electrical audio signal. In common with a number of other accessories for musical instruments, such as bridges or spare strings, wholesale pickups are often sold by retailers as separates or fitted to brand new instruments by the manufacturer. Traders can use productpilot.com to locate the product manufacturers and suppliers they need.

Essentially, a pickup is a transducer which 'picks up' on the magnetic interference caused by a string moving close to it and converts this to a signal which can then be amplified. In most electric guitars, pickups are fitted close to the bridge, for a bright tone, or close to the neck, for a mellower sound. On many famous guitar models, more than one pickup is fitted, offering the player a choice of sounds which can be selected at the flip of a switch. The wholesale pickups sector also produces products which are double coiled. This approach creates a distinctively fuzzy and rich sound much used in rock, blues and country music. Such pickups are commonly referred to as humbuckers and vary from the cleaner tone of a single coil pickup.

Pickups are not simply the mainstay of guitars, however. Specialist ones which are geared for lower frequencies are fitted to bass guitars and even upright basses, in some cases. They can be fitted to electric violins, cellos and mandolins, too. In addition to solid-body, electric instruments, they can also be easily retro-fitted to acoustic instruments, with manufacturers developing particular products which keep the rich tone of a sound box included in the amplified signal. All of the latest products in the wholesale pickups market can be found on productpilot.com.

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