Roof Systems

Roof systems are commonly utilised in the automotive industry to enhance the standard features of a vehicle’s roof. Some examples of roof systems include sun roofs, convertible roofs, and even solar roofs. Given that roof systems are usually built into the shell of a vehicle, and given that the shell is the main component in the vehicle's structural integrity, it is uncommon for a roof system to be fit to a vehicle after manufacture; simply cutting holes in the roof of a vehicle almost certainly compromises the strength of the shell. Service providers for implementing roof systems, as well as the systems themselves can be sourced via

The sun roof - probably the most widely recognised type of roof system - involves a glass panel that can slide back, hinge upward, or both. Originally the sun roof was simply a metal panel that could slide back to let air and light in, and the “moon roof” was the name used for the same feature made with a glass panel. The two terms have become interchangeable, however, and sun roof is typically used as a generic name for any roof system which is designed to let light and/or air into the vehicle.

A solar roof system, on the other hand, involves building a series of solar (photovoltaic) cells into the roof of a vehicle for the purpose of harnessing sunlight and converting it into usable energy. Obviously the usage of solar roofs is heavily targeted toward electric vehicles. That being said, they can also be found on some internal combustion engine vehicles, such as motor homes or other vehicles that have electrical demands beyond that of the engine itself.

The automotive industry, perhaps more than any other, is subject to change reflecting developments in technology, meaning it pays to be informed. For access to up to date suppliers and traders in the industry, is the business gateway for international trade.

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