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The repair and maintenance services industry works in many areas of the economy and helps to keep sometimes expensive assets up and running in many industry sectors. Undertaking repairs to heavy plant and machinery is one of the most important parts of the industry and a provider of such services will often work in many different locations in order to meet the demands of their customers. Some tools used by maintenance operatives are common to multiple industry sectors, such as screwdrivers and wrenches. In some cases, highly specialist tooling is required to keep equipment up and running.

This industry includes waste disposal and recycling companies and a provider of these sorts of services will commonly require specialist workwear in order to protect staff fully. Along with servicing the needs of the automotive sector, the industry also works extensively to maintain buildings. Remedial works are often required for many structures, sometimes needing innovative techniques to keep them functioning properly. Another service that is often offered by the industry is in the protection of metalwork, both in the field and with new products, such as those made for the aerospace industry. This is often conducted by offering varnishing and corrosion protection, where innovative new applications allow for metal to last for very long times, also helping to reduce fatigue.

Repair and maintenance services companies can reach new potential customers by using the platform. The service allows users to research market data and to gain insights into entirely unexplored markets. Just as important is the ability of anyone who wants to procure remedial works to find the right supplier for them. Once a service has been located, then allows professionals to network with one another.

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