Body Repair

Body Repair is an essential service in the automotive industry, used by private individuals and businesses across the world. Body repair entails the restoration and repair of a vehicle’s body work, by removing aesthetic damage like scratches and minor dents, or repairing structural damage like serious dents and even tears.

This is a service which is always in demand, especially for business clients who must present an impeccable vehicle at all times. Those seeking a body repair service can find providers at The rise in ridesharing platforms has resulted in individuals operating taxi businesses privately, which in turn means these people rely on a good body repair service to keep their vehicles at the same standard as large taxi firms. Therefore, the client base for a professional body repair service is still growing.

Body repair takes several forms, with the primary being the restoration of paintwork. Minor scratches can be removed by sanding down the affected area to make it smooth, before using touch-up paint to hide the spot. Though this can be done at home, many car owners prefer to entrust it to a professional, especially with larger scratches or unusual paint colours. Dents can be repaired from the outside with suction, forcing the panel to pop back into shape, or from the inside using a process called ‘paintless dent repair’. These processes are highly prized for keeping a car in pristine condition without needing to replace parts, making them a great everyday automotive service to offer.

Body repair is a suitable service to offer alongside preventative products, such as varnishing and corrosive protection. Customers may also seek items to help them repair their own body work, such as durable workwear.

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