Transport Systems

Automotive transport systems are essential to a country’s economy, with their repair and maintenance being a main concern for any governing body. Automobile routes are susceptible to damage in severe weather conditions or geological events, such as landslides, and require immediate attention. In most cases, however, the repair of roads is a matter of preventive maintenance, which is performed regularly to ensure that the road surface remains safe and that a small pothole doesn't turn into a costly repair. Road repair and maintenance equipment ranges from a heavy-duty excavator to the paint that outlines the driving lanes, and those in the industry can use to deal with product suppliers.

The large items used in the repair and maintenance of transport systems are the transport and dump trucks and trailers used to bring equipment to the repair site or to remove debris. Specialty trucks types are concrete mixers that keep concrete in a liquid state until the truck arrives at its destination and graders equipped with a GPS to set an accurate grade for the base course. Other specialized vehicles are pavers that dispense asphalt and provide the initial compacting. Road rollers complete the final compacting to asphalt, concrete, gravel, or soil. When a road surface can no longer be repaired and must be recycled, pavement millers are brought in to remove the surface to specified depths.

Smaller equipment and supplies used in the repair and maintenance of transport systems are basic shovels, surveying equipment, drainage grates and pipes, and sealants. As repairs are costly, good quality construction materials and bitumen emulsion surface dressings that seal the surface of the pavement make economic sense. Pavement failure is often the result of water penetrating the surface. Hand held compacting tools and sealants that protect repair edges help to reduce water damage. Given the importance of a well-maintained transport system and the wide array of equipment employed in maintaining roads and highways, buyers and traders need up-to-date information on all the available products, which is possible via the suppliers at

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