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The description Towing Service, Accident Assistance & mobile Services refers to a range of automotive services related to motoring emergencies and mobile repair facilities. To be truly effective, facilities such as those offered by a towing service provider necessarily have to be continuously available. Modern traffic densities, motorist expectations, statutory recovery legislation, and the realities of business rivalries dictate that a mobile services provider, and those advertising accident assistance must always be ready to respond in a timely manner. In fact, in this branch of the automotive industry, the reputation of an individual provider critically depends upon the speed and efficiency with which his company is able to react in emergency situations. This - in turn - means any mobile services provider also has to be equipped to deal with a broad range of breakdown, accident and emergency repair scenarios, many of which depend upon the deployment of powerful, heavy-duty vehicles plus winches, heavy-lifting gear, cutting equipment, and a range of towing and emergency vehicle-transport facilities. The customer will want to be know that the assistance being received is backed up by reliable and up to date technology, ensuring that their broken down vehicle will be treated well and arrive safely at a garage or other destination.

In addition to its extensive range of listings for products and services, the online portal also offers a number of valuable business-related services.

Given that breakdown and recovery services are fairly narrowly defined, listings for accident assistance, towing service, and for a mobile services provider will be found on under the Automotive parent category. The most relevant sub-categories for entries are likely to be found under the Repair and Parts headings respectively.

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