Life-saving Equipment

Automotive roadside life-saving equipment typically comes in kits containing emergency medical equipment, survival supplies, and basic car repair equipment. In the absence of professional help, having adequate medical supplies and survival equipment can mean the difference between life and death.

Life-saving equipment suppliers provide a range of equipment to be used in the event that severe weather strikes while motorists are travelling, or when a roadside medical emergency occurs. An average kit will contain food, water, shelter, and communication equipment. Three-day emergency kits contain the essentials needed to survive for three days in the absence of any help and will have emergency rescue blankets, ponchos and work gloves, tissues, and sustenance in the form of drinking water and dried food packs. The basic medical supplies included in an emergency kit are various types of bandages, dust and CPR masks, and a bio-hazard waste bag. Signaling and communication devices need to be able to operate without electricity and include whistles, light sticks, and torches and radios that can be cranked. Life-saving equipment suppliers carry different-sized kits, for example, from one-person kits up to four-person kits.

In addition to supplies for personal use, roadside emergency equipment kits contain a seatbelt cutter, a deep can candle and matches, sand or salt for tire traction, jumper cables, and a small shovel. Other items that can be included are antifreeze and a tow rope. In colder climates, liquid chain products can be sprayed onto tires to provide instant traction. Deluxe roadside emergency kits will also include different types of screw drivers, socket wrenches, pliers, and supplies to repair tires such as automobile tire gauge, valve and needle adaptors for inflation, and red and yellow hazard lights.

Having life-saving equipment in the car can be the best decision a driver ever made. Life-saving equipment suppliers can keep up to date with the latest products at

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