A tow bar is a part that can be attached to a vehicle so that it can pull something like a trailer. The tow bar uses a ball and cup design to allow for rotation at the joint. It is typically required by law to have a system in place that will engage the brakes of the towed object in the event of it becoming detached from the vehicle itself. These systems—sold by any good towing equipment supplier—act as a last resort safety measure in the event of a serious malfunction with the tow bar itself. Using, suppliers of tow bar products and safety devices can be located. The potential for damage and harm in the event of a trailer, caravan, or any other towed object coming free of the vehicle towing it is great, and any towing equipment manufacturer hoping to stay in business will ensure their product is as safe and reliable as it can be. Tow bars often have pass through a plug for the vehicle's rear light signal to be built into it, ensuring the object being towed will relay the vehicle's light signals to any vehicles behind.

Standard passenger vehicles are not typically equipped to tow objects such as small trailers, horse boxes, or large caravans. Fortunately tow bars are relatively inexpensive and do not require a great deal of work to attach. It's also not unusual for a towing equipment supplier to provide a fitting service with their products.

Though there is competition within this industry, a typical towing equipment manufacturer will stick to certain standards that have been established over time, making a choice between one towing equipment manufacturer and another more about personal preference than compatibility. can help traders stay up to date with any manufacturer’s tow bar developments.

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